Attention Business Owners: Are You Too Stressed And Too Busy To Focus On Growing Your Business?

Would You Love To Learn How To Easily Take Control Of And Grow Your Business Whilst Leveraging It To Achieve Your Personal Dreams and Goals?

Let Us Guide You As You Implement This Simple Formula To Achieving Personal and Business Success Whilst Maintaining A Work/Life Balance

Have you put your heart and soul into making a success of your business and you are still struggling to grow?

Have you tried everything you possibly can to work out what direction you need to go and how to get there as painlessly as possible but failed?

You are not alone.

Most Business Owners find themselves working in the business rather than on the business and struggle to find the time to and energy to plan its direction and growth, let alone actually grow it!

If you can relate to this problem, we have a solution for you.

If you are ready to look at growing your business but find that you don’t have the time, energy or headspace to do it.

Then we have a programme just for you!

That Is Why We Have Created The ‘Reshape Your Life For Success Mastermind’

The Reshape Your Life For Success Mastermind programme is ideal for business owners who find themselves:

*Needing to rethink about the direction they and their business is taking

*Unable to create that helicopter view that is needed to grow the business

*Find themselves working every available hour to keep their business moving

*Are not gaining the personal benefits and rewards they deserve from running a successful business

The Reshape Your Life For Success Mastermind Programme is a 12 month Programme where passionate and driven Business Owners learn to align their personal and business goals whilst developing their personal and business skillsets and mindsets to achieve personal and business success whilst maintaining a work/life balance.

For the past 15 years, Transformation Coach, Antony Draper has perfected the Reflect & Reshape Success Formula. He has successfully supporting hundreds of clients with building their business and achieving personal success.

This simple programme will take you through the Simple Reflect & Reshape Success Formula to enable you to  achieve Personal and Business Success whilst maintaining a Work/Life Balance

This Programme Comes With A Difference…

This programme has a unique formula that has proven to succeed time and time again

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business, this programme will work for you.

Why Business Owners Like You Join This Programme…

  • To get that feeling of peace as you know the exact direction that you are your business are taking
  • To be able to look across your life and business with a helicopter view as you and your business grow
  • To taste the fruits of your labour as you are working effortlessly to move your life and your business in the direction you need to them to go
  • To hear people talk about you as you reap all the benefits and rewards that you deserve as you succeed personally and in business
  • To smell your favourite meal being prepared in the kitchen, as you eat out at your favourite restaurant because you have that perfect work/life balance
  • To feel the sun beating down on your face as you lie in the  sun whilst on one of your many well earned holidays
  • To be part of an inspiring, awesome group of like minded business owners
  • To be held accountable and make achieving their goals for their business and life a reality
  • To have a real connection with a mentor who genuinely cares and is passionate about their success

What To Expect As A Member Of This Programme…

  • You will be working with an experienced mentor that is both business minded and spiritual
  • You will reassess your path and purpose in life and ensure you are going in the right direction
  • You will reassess your business direction and ensure it is taking you in the right direction
  • You will put into place business systems and strategies that will form the foundation of your business, allowing you to enjoy the freedom, income and life you desire
  • You will have the personal freedom to do the things you always intended to do but never seem to find the time
  • You will get back the time and energy to focus on growing your business
  • You will develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will make your business success inevitable
  • You will feel safe sharing your vulnerabilities openly and honestly, and receive the encouragement, guidance and support you have always wanted
  • You will gain the confidence that you will need to succeed in both life and business

Here’s What You’ll Learn on This Programme…

During this 12 month Mastermind programme we will guide you as you implement the 4 core elements to Personal and Business Success whilst maintaining a Work/Life Balance.

We split your year up into 4 programme of work

Personal Realignment Programme

This first programme is 10 weeks, where we get you back in alignment with yourself. It’s hard to run a business and remain aligned to your true purpose in life.

In this programme, we have a reassessment of whether you are still moving along the right path or whether there needs to be some changes made before, we start the next programme where we begin to align the business to your personal needs.

Business Realignment Programme

This second programme is 12 weeks, where we look at where your business is going and whether it is taking you down the path, you personally want to go.

We look at any changes that need to be made with the business and we look to align some of its goals with your personal goals.

Transform Your Life For Success

This third programme is 12 weeks, where we now have personal and business aligned goals and therefore we understand the personal and business priorities.

This programme looks at recreating your personal and working life to strike up that work/life balance. We understand that everybody needs to spin different plates; however, we work with you to understand which plates you no longer have to spin, those you can get someone else to spin and those that you can put down.

Transform Your Business For Maximum Growth

This fourth programme is 12 weeks, where we have created a work/life balance and we can now really start to work on the business to make it as efficient and as effective as possible.

We now start to move the business into a position where it can start to grow as quickly as it can without the risk of over stretching.

You will find yourself in the position of comfortably running the business with the added to time to transform it and grow it to where you need it to go.

What Makes This Programme Different From Others…

  • This programme has a unique formula that has proven to succeed time and time again
  • The Reflect & Reshape Success Formula is simple and easy to follow, as well as implement
  • There is no other programme out there that looks at both your personal goals and business goals and aligns them to ensure you succeed in both life and business
  • It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business, this programme will work for you.
  • You will be part of a small intimate group of 10 members, so you will receive individual attention and the opportunity to deeply connect with us and other members
  • It doesn’t matter who you are as a person. On this programme you can just be yourself and we will guide you every step of the way. Nothing is left to chance
  • You will gain clarity and take inspired action each and every day towards achieving your goals because we will help you plan out your individual steps to realising your dreams

Here Is How The Programme Is Delivered…

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls  are the place where you will be able to ask us your questions and receive our guidance live on the call each week. As there are just eight to ten in a group you will quickly bond and form deep connections with others in your group, making you feel safe to talk about both the triumphs and challenges that arise.
  • Mastermind In-Person Training Days provide an opportunity for Mastermind members to come together in a supportive environment once per quarter. Each member is given time during the day to talk about their biggest challenges in their business and be supported by the group with finding the best solution. At these valuable events, members are able to identify their focused goals for the next 90 days and to know exactly what actions they need to take to achieve them.
  • Dedicated Private Support Group where you can post questions at any time and receive support from our team, as well as connect with other members
  • 4 x Mindset 1:1 Coaching Calls with Antony Draper, you will have powerful mindset coaching calls one to one with him, which you can take at any time. In these sessions, you will be able to work through and shift any blocks that are currently stopping you from being successful, and gain individual attention with any area you require support with.

What Other Business Owners Have Said?

It is great to see a programme that covers both the personal and business aspects of becoming successful

Claire Green

Newport, UK

It is great to be on a programme where everyone is so supportive and everyone understands you on a personal level and not just as a business owner

Bradley Thompson

Ohio, US

Ready To Reshape Your Life For Success?

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