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Let Us Help You Use Your Business To Transform Your Life

Who Are You And What Do You Do?

My name is Antony Draper and I work with small to medium sized business owners to successfully grow their businesses and in turn use their successful business to live the life of their dreams.

I am known as a Transformation Coach.


What is a Transformation Coach?

Transformation is where you take something and change its form or appearance.

As a Transformation Coach, we coach Business Owners to transform their business in to a successful entity that will enable them to reshape their own lives to reflect how they want their life to be.

We help them make positive changes personally and in their business to achieve their own personal dreams and goals.


Why do people need a Transformation Coach?

You see a lot of people start a business to make a positive difference in the world and to make positive changes in their personal lives.

However, most business owners soon get bogged down in the day to day running of a business and forget all about the reasons why they started the business in the first place.

They end up building a business around themselves that simply won’t function without them

We help business owners to not only understand what their personal dreams and goals are but also to build a successful business that serves them and delivers their goals whilst continuing to operate even if the business owner is not there.

In essence we help transform their lives.


Why did you start your company Reflect & Reshape?

It is my overall goal to positively change as many people’s lives as I can through the power of a business. I realised a long time ago that if businesses are run correctly they can become these amazing entities that can help positively change the lives of everything it touches. This being from the people who own it to the people who work in it to the people who are receiving its output. That is why I created Reflect & Reshape, to do just that.


Explain a bit more about how Reflect & Reshape helps people achieve this transformation?

Through over 15 years of working with clients to grow and transform their businesses, we have been able to put together what we believe are the key ingredients needed for a business owner to bring about growth and transformation successfully.

We call this the ‘Reflect & Reshape Success Formula’

By using this formula, we are able to help our clients to achieve Personal and Business Success with an added bonus of being able to create and maintain a work/life balance.


What services does Reflect & Reshape use to help business owners implement the Reflect & Reshape Success Formula?

We have a number of online and offline, individual and group coaching courses that help business owners implement the Reflect & Reshape Success Formula

We have courses that help business owners really discover their personal dreams and goals. These courses are amazing because they really do make you tap into your inner self and understand your real passions. Only once you discover your real passions in life can you start to understand what your real dreams and goals are.

We have courses that look at where you want your businesses to go and the goals that it needs to achieve to get there. Then we also have courses that show you how to align your personal and business goals and map them out so you can see how your business is going to deliver and enable many of your personal goals.

We have courses that show you how to prioritise your time and efforts towards achieving your personal goals and transforming your life into something you want to it to be.

Finally we have courses that hold you by the hand in taking your business where you need it to go. This can vary from running your own successful business that feeds your lifestyle to selling your business and going off to live out your dreams.


Why should someone choose Reflect & Reshape over any other coaching company?

Good question.

There are a number of coaching companies available to business owners but I believe Reflect & Reshape goes that one step further by fully aligning the business owner’s personal and business needs, to ensure that personal and business growth and transformation happens successfully.


If someone was interested in using the services of Reflect & Reshape, how would they go about doing so?

Reflect & Reshape pride themselves on providing the highest quality service it can and it is always striving to improve. It is because of this goal we only ever work with a select number of clients that we know we can help and we can commit to giving the best service possible.

Therefore, we only open the doors to our services when we feel that we have the capacity to do so.

The best way for us to consider you in joining one of our coaching programmes is to fill in an application form where we will contact you to discuss the best programme to suit your needs.

In the mean time we have lots of free content that can help people begin to understand the journey to implementing the Reflect & Reshape Success Formula.

We can help your business:

    • Is your business experiencing cash flow or growth problems?
    • Do you feel there aren’t enough hours in the day?
    • Do you constantly worry about paying the bills and if you will make enough in the long term to sustain?
    • Can you benefit from better time management skills to improve efficiency?
    • Do you desire more time for yourself, your family and your children?