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Professional Personal And Business Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs

Whether you are the leader of a mid to large size organization, or running your own show at a startup, you face unique challenges at work and at home.

I can help your business:

    • Is your business experiencing cash flow or growth problems?
    • Do you feel there aren’t enough hours in the day?
    • Do you constantly worry about paying the bills and if you will make enough in the long term to sustain?
    • Can you benefit from better time management skills to improve efficiency?
    • Do you desire more time for yourself, your family and your children?

Growing Pains Don’t Have to Hurt You in the Wallet

FREE Consultation: Getting to know your business

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  • Understand and use strategic direction
  • Earn more money in less time
  • Put a master plan into place to reach all personal and business goals
  • Know your next move up front
  • Regain energy, focus, confidence…and Freedom
  • Enjoy a functional work environment
  • Enjoy the respect you deserve from colleagues and clients
  • Generate more business and retain repeat customers effortlessly

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Enjoy Work/Life Balance While Successfully Running Your Own Business

Who am I to be helping you?

Do you run a company that is currently experiencing ‘growth problems’?

As first a consultant and now a business coach that specializes in working with business owners, I have helped small and large organisations across the globe with strategic direction and in taking positive steps to grow.

I have seen how many of the principles that apply to big international businesses can also be scaled down and applied successfully to smaller UK businesses.

Transformation is not confined to big business!

However, there is one difference. In nearly all of the smaller businesses I work with, the owner is bogged down working ‘in’ the business rather than on helping it achieve its vision.

In the process, many business owners have lost sight of the reasons why they started their business in the first place.

I’m here to help you bring that back. My experience and expertise can help you focus on the priorities: generating cash-flow to grow your business, reducing stress, and freeing up your own time to focus on what really matters.

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How do you grow towards freedom?

Every business is different; and every business is at a different stage in its development.

But I am yet to find one where my five-step process to freedom cannot be applied. I will work closely with you to guide your business to Step 5 as quickly as possible.

If you are looking to create and successfully run a new product, service, or entire business, we can start right at the beginning.

Successful business owners all know that they need…

Money – If you are not delivering powerful sales and marketing messages that present you as THE market leader, you will never have the clients that pay you what you’re worth or the cashflow you need.

Team – Without a dedicated, experienced, and proven team of staff, business advisors, and suppliers to drive your business forward, it will never be able to run without you.

Time – Without having the systems, processes, and structures in place, you will never have the time to step out from the business to spend with family, with complete peace of mind.

FREE Consultation: Getting to know your business

What happens next?

After you book you FREE “Getting to Know Your Business” consultation, I will call you at the selected time.

We will discuss:
• The issues you are having in your business presently
• Possible reasons for these problems
• Possible solutions for transforming your business